Arch-Villain Donald Trump Declares in Statement He is Holding Covid-19 Relief Hostage and Will Not Release it To Gotham Unless Batman Reveals His Secret Identity

‘I’m not the monster. If anything, I’m a stable genius, just ahead of the curve.” Trump said in the short video clip, where he held a District Attorney with a knife to his throat in a Santa costume. “Sure, I’m the crazy one, when people all over Gotham are going about their business while their democracy is being destroyed by masked figures like Batman and others, who believe in their precious constitutions and rule of law. The only true rule of law is CHAOS. And when these people get a taste of the desperation that missing a few meals in the heart of winter, then they will understand why we need a change in GOTHAM. Batman is the true terrorist, working out there in the shadows and voting booths to inject their vision of what this society should look like into our veins. I am the only one who should get credit for that style, as the king clown of corruption and chaos. Anyone who tries to copy my style will be made to suffer, as I am the one with the clown army at my command! AHAHAHHAHAHA. Try to rest peacefully GOTHAM! You think you can defeat a madman who likes to laugh and drinks the tears of this starving city! Soon you will see! The JOKE IS ON YOU!”

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