‘Lowest Black Unemployment Rate’ Mumbles Shrinking Portion of Senator’s Psyche Being Escorted to a Holding Cell In The Back of His Mind as Pressure and Circumstance Morph Him Into a Charicature- Alarming Most of All To Himself- of a Screaming Fascist Pig

Will we definitely see GOP Senators whipping themselves into an emotional frenzy in order to play to a crowd in their head (who likely doesn’t even watch actual hearings)? Will we see pundits engage in impassioned arguments to convince people of.. things they believe based on inherent biases and not on the weight of evidence and reasoned argument? Are we sure to see men and women argue themselves out of things they actually believe in the name of appealing to the lowest common denomenator, while yelling and chewing the scenery to make sure they get a soundbyte or a meme out of their effort?

Of course.

In this age of populism and bluster, with equal parts subtextual racism and fascism in the mix as well as social media shallow click bait grasping, I think the Senate should begin by reading a quote from Cormac McCarthy at the beginning of such hearings:

“It was always himself that the coward abandoned first. After this all other betrayals came easily.”

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