In the Arms of An Emotional Support Martial Force Array – a Poem – by Cypress Butane

A clip, short, with strident blip

of crying woman, usually unkempt

In an apartment collapsed and spent

Watch closely captioned what happens


Her animal, more than a pet knows she

Is in a panic and so attacks – with passionate

Affection, attention and unrelent

You get the picture, She cries and yet

The idea is a trained response… To

Someone needing love, or worse

To think in terms of a versive curse

I take up the vision of berating Uncle findling

New generations mediating interpersonal terms

In the lost symbol nowhere mona lisa smile pronoun sciatica screen complex

myopic panoptic con cosplay nowhere-again recourse

Disgrace!, Remorse ., ., -, a Helpless thing

(Can’t Help ITself) To criticize

Makes Fun – Discourse

But where – in This IsHe

The course, an old man

Living in the head of social ; a-historical

Course – a poetic text book (that need rewrites

but who dares read what imagination creature of nowhere

(of course) unsim – pathetic

Does Mom look on – pity the child

and wish she could help the daughter – worse

Make stronger her resistance –

To the dark

Empty force

Are all these shapes of human beings – Nowhere

All one ; Alone

Off course?

Is the animal the only one who knows?

When bites the feeding hand ~ love’s hoarse

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