NASA’s James Webb Satellite Reports a Signal from Semi-Distant Point In Space ‘Downloading Earth Signals and Recording the Human Internet’, Suspect it Being Done in Effort to Archive the Culture of A Civilization on the Brink of Self-Destruction for Posterity

“It began shortly after Putin began his invasion of Ukraine,” NASA Scientist Curtis Vonnegut told us. “Whatever this intelligent life form represents, it seems interested in collecting every article of human culture into a vast collection streaming to this upload point.”

“It appears to mirror the efforts of those who seek to protect museums, art and artifacts at the outbreak of war here on earth. They may be trying to preserve human culture against a feared immanent destruction.”

“We noticed a surge in the transfer rate once the beam discovered Only Fans. They seemed to have a particular interest.” The scientists’ team chuckled. “The only comparable surge in the beam was when the Sci-Fi Channel archive was scanned.”

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